About Ogma

OGMA is a yellow sub giant star approximately 250 light years from the sun in the constellation of Hercules. Since the beginning of year 2022 it is also a hand made unique pendant light drawn and hand crafted by vintage lamp dealer and wood worker Fredrik Hagblom from Lund, Sweden. Since 2018 Hagblom runs a shop dedicated to vintage Scandinavian light design in Paris, France. His knowledge of the structure and function of Scandinavian lights from the 1960s and 70s is extensive after many years of restoration and repair work.

During the last ten years the pine veneer lights of Hans-Agne Jakobsson and Danish Translandia has rapidly risen in price and popularity. As a professional dealer Hagblom purchased every vintage veneer light of this style that he could find but soon came to realize that there was one thing that they all had in common. They were broken. Vintage items with patina in all honor but some items take a beating harder then others, such as these very lights. The majority of these pendants and fixtures were made in the 1960s and 70s when the light bulbs were so warm that you were unable to touch them. This intense heat close to the thin wood veneer results in a brittleness making these 50 plus years old relics almost impossible to handle without breaking them. Sometimes the breaks doesn’t look so bad since they go along the grain but when lit up the damage amplifies. After trying to repair several of these lights using a variety of methods he gave up and decided to find some new veneer to dress up the frame of an old Jakobsson pendant. In the process he ended up making a light from scratch and kept working the prototypes until it felt like something decent. This last year the hunt for good looking quality veneer has taken up a lot of time but coming across a beautiful stash of larch wood finally emerged and the result is stunning.

The OGMA light is an all wood construction. The frame work is made from Scandinavian solid pine and the transparent veneer covering the shade is French hand selected larch. Today’s led light bulbs enables this all natural wood structure which stands them apart from their predecessors which most often contained a metal interior and lamp socket holder.

For detailed specifications and measures see each model separately in the model section.

All parts of the lights are hand sawn, planed, sanded and assembled at the OGMA work shop in the village of Lisores in the Calvados region of France. To see the lights in person you are welcome to schedule an appointment in our showroom in central Paris. 78 Avenue de Suffren, 15th arr.

For any requires, special orders or questions please drop us a line through the contact form.

You must love these lamps. For that reason we offer a full 14 days return right policy no questions asked on all OGMA items.

OGMA lights is run by
Fredrik Hagblom
78 Avenue de Suffren, Le Village Suisse, Galerie 26
75015 Paris, France.

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