The OGMA pendant light contains a solid pine wood frame and a wooden lamp socket holder. The frame is dressed in horizontal overlaying strips of thin larch veneer. It gives a soft glowing shine that radiates in all directions of the room. Through the openings on the under side and top it gives a more direct light downwards over a dining or coffee table as well as upwards towards the ceiling. The light bulb is completely hidden making the pendant 100% glare free. Suitable for both high and low placement.

It takes a standard E27 ”screw on” type light bulb and hangs from a 2 meter long sturdy black textile cable. The ceiling attachment is open wire for hard wiring and a white plastic ceiling cup to hide excess cable.

Thanks to the low temperature of todays led bulbs this light can take any strength of light. To safely avoid possible fire hazard do not use any light bulb purchased prior to 2008.

Should you prefer a different type/color/length of cable we will happily provide this at no extra cost.

Light bulb is not included.

These lamps are fully hand manufactured in Normandy, France one lamp at a time.

You must love these lamps and for that reason we offer a full 14 days return right no questions asked on all shipped OGMA items. The cost of the light and shipping will be fully refunded as soon as the light is returned undamaged. We do not finance the return shipping.

This pendant light is currently available in two sizes. Model P 50, and the slightly smaller P40.

Are you interested in an OGMA pendant in a specific size? Drop us a line through the contact form and we will see what we can do.

Current available OGMA models. To se details, photos and purchase follow links below.